United Way fights for the health, education and financial stability of every person.  We do what no single organization can do alone:  We tackle the toughest issues facing our community by mobilizing every resource partner and voice to solve those challenges.  Change does not happen alone.  It takes all of us standing together UNITED.


We are rolling up our sleeves to create change!



Imagination Library

Through the United Way of Lapeer County's Imagination Library, preschool children receive free books! Each month, a brand new, age appropriate book will be mailed to every child enrolled. With the arrival of the first book, the classic “The Little Engine That Could,” children begin to experience the joy of finding their very own book in their mailboxes. These moments continue each month until the child turns five, and in their very last month in the program the book they receive is “Look Out Kindergarten Here I Come.”

All children ages birth to five in Lapeer County are eligible! 

1,077 graduated as of August 2019!

Books 4 Kids                 

This project will target low income kids focusing in areas of Lapeer County with high poverty rates.  This project is backed by research and will be similar to having a book fair where each student can receive a book of their choice to take home.  This is done once per month throughout the school year with the research showing that literacy skills improve when children have home access to books they are excited to read.  The book Fairs provide an opportunity for kids to take home one high interest book of their choice every month of the school year and that adds 10 more books to each child’s home library. 

Through the United Way of Lapeer County and our generous partners we are able to put books in the hands of over 900 Lapeer County kids.


Emergency Assistance  

This project provides utility and rent or mortgage assistance to eligible Lapeer County residents.  This is how we live United by helping children, families and individuals stay in their homes.  One of the greatest concerns of our 211 callers during the winter months is high heating bills or not having heat at all.  United Way of Lapeer County is addressing that need by providing over $7,000 per year in rent and utility assistance to Lapeer County residents who qualify.


United Way ensures that hungry residents receive healthy and nutritious food by supporting local food programs and sponsoring food give away programs.


Tax Assistance                    Image result for my free taxes logo 2018


Was your 2018 annual household income less than $66,000?  If so, My Free Taxes.com and United Way can help you deal with your taxes quickly and easily and it’s FREE!

Tax refunds are often the largest paychecks a family receives and can be used to pay bills, buy groceries, save for the future etc.  70% of US filers are eligible for free tax preparation but don’t take advantage. 

During the 2018 tax season United Way of Lapeer County and My Free Taxes brought back $155,886 to the Lapeer Community.  My Free Taxes is a win win for working families by eliminating tax prep fees and ensuring the maximum refund amounts.  These savings help families build their financial safety net.



Veteran Assistance             



This project provides Veterans in the Lapeer Community who are having temporary financial issues with assistance with their utilities, rent or mortgage.